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The Memorial Candle Program is completely voluntary and has been designed to support the Book of MemoriesTM initiatives. Not only does the memorial candle program allow family and friends to leave a lasting symbolic gesture of sympathy, proceeds from the program go towards the maintenance and cost of ensuring this record remains online in perpetuity. These services are provided through our website hosting company - FrontRunner Professional. FrontRunner Professional also uses a portion of the funds to donate to a local charity.


We understand that it is not always possible to attend to the funeral home and pay your respects to the deceased or their surviving families. Our on-line condolences feature allows you to let the family know you are with them in thought, and to have the opportunity to share those feelings and special thoughts about the deceased with the family.

We are proud to offer this service to the families we serve. You may choose to send an Online Condolence in memories of a loved one, with our 'Send Condolences' option.

Our Online Condolences Form makes placing a condolence very convenient to family and friends of the deceased who are unable to express their thoughts in person. Once you chose to place an Online Condolence, you will be required to complete a series of 7 steps to send a condolence.

Below is a step-by-step guide to sending your condolence.

Step 1. Select the Online Tribute Funeral Record to whom you wish to send a Condolence.

Step 2. Select 'Send Condolences' from the menu selection, as shown below.

Step 3. Once you choose to send a condolence, our Online Condolence Form will appear as shown below.

Step 4. Please enter your Name, Your Email Address, and enter your condolence message in the fields provided. Once you have finished entering your information in the appropriate fields, select 'Preview' to continue to the next screen which, is shown below.

Step 5 . Once the preview screen has loaded you will see how your Condolence would appear online. At this time you may edit your name and email address. You may wish to edit your condolences, to do this, simply enter any additional words, or edit the current condolence by moving your mouse into the field, clicking once to allow you to type in the field selected. To preview your message again, select 'Preview Again'. If you are satisfied with your condolence message, select 'Send'

Step 6. After selecting 'Send' a Comments and Suggestions form will appear, for you to contribute your thoughts and suggestions to the Blair & Son Funeral Directors, on this service or other services we provide. Please enter those comments or suggestions in the window field provided. If you choose not to send us a message, select 'Finish' to complete the submission of your Online Condolence.

Step 7. From the last window, shown below, you have 4 choices.

Choice 1. You have the chance to edit your condolence, by clicking modify.

Choice 2. You may select to remove your condolence.

Choice 3. You may choose to hide your email address from the public.

Choice 4. You may close the window, and your condolence will be
submitted and viewable online.

Choice 5. You may make your message private so only the family may view it.

This Completes the process to 'Send an Online Condolences.

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