Denis Roger Martin

“May love be what you remember most”


Denis (Fish, Bud, Martin, Frenchie, Frexican, Padre) cultivated a mismatched group of friends wherever his slides and woolies took him. His inappropriate humour, quick chirps, and thinly veiled sarcasm endeared him to even the most “high-brow” listeners.


His most enamoured audience has always been his two “babies”, Alixzandré Shepherd-Martin (his Lil Beauty) and Xavier Shepherd-Martin (his Lil Best Buds). Even though he considered olives an appropriate serving of vegetables, he always ensured his children knew they were loved, supported, and defended, without question. He was present through countless hockey, baseball, and rugby games, cheering and enjoying the post-game parties. He never hesitated to step into a fatherly role with any friends his children snuck into the house, even for those who stuck around for years.

He applied similar dedication to his coworkers throughout his career as a Correctional Officer at TYAC, Cecil, and Brockville, supporting the people who needed it and being frank with those who needed to step up. He treated people in the most unfortunate circumstances with respect and fairness, creating loyalty that continues to this day.

He tried his best to balance work and play, enjoying baseball, golf, parties, movies, and watching every possible Star Trek (and spinoffs) at least twice, during his “Martin Days”.

Denis considered his family to be both those related by blood and those he chose. His children, Alixz and Xavier will carry his heart, humour and lessons throughout their lives. He will be greatly missed by his mom, Jeannine (dad, François – predeceased); sister, Natalie (Mike); brother, Pierre (Yusimi); his nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins; his chosen family of cherished coworkers; his best friend and mother of his children, Crystal; and his chosen siblings April, Shawn, Amber, Liz, and Sanda.

In lieu of donations, please take a moment to pass on a gesture of kindness to a stranger.


A celebration of Denis’ life will be held on September 17, 2022. Please contact the family for details.